Sunday, February 7, 2010

Signing Up Again

We try to balance give and take here at the Foraging Family. So, to give a little something back to the plants that will grace our table this year, I will be volunteering as a Plant Conservation Volunteer (PCV) through the New England Wildflower Society (NEWFS).

I'm excited about the work. It sound a little like being a spy for nature. We sign up for missions. We have to keep the whereabouts of our missions secret so that the word does not get out about the classified locations of the rare plants that we will be monitoring. We count and catalog the rare plants that we see and send our information back to headquarters via a secure Internet site. When we're not doing this, we track down and assassinate invaders that might threaten the safety of our native citizens.

And all that's required to sign up is some knowledge about keying plants. Giving back to the land was never so easy or so cool.

Agent Double-O Thag Signing Out


  1. Know what kind of sister organization might exist in Ohio?

  2. I am seeing this just now- funnny!