Sunday, April 18, 2010

Violet Jelly

Last week, baby Yub Yub and I went to visit my sister and her new baby in suburban Connecticut. Her yard was carpeted with violets! Just what I’d been looking for. Both the leaves and the flowers of the violet are edible and their mellow, mild flavor makes them quite palatable. Most people add them to salads—when you buy edible flowers in the supermarket, they usually include violets. But I wanted lots and lots of violets because for some time I’ve wanted to make violet jelly.

I love making jam. There is something so satisfying to me about making a yummy food, canning it, and giving it away as a gift. I think I love that I can make something people would spend good money on!

So, my sister’s niece and nephew, the baby, and I set out to collect as many violets as we could. In 15 minutes, the kids were done, but they had already collected over a cup of violet flowers. I collected the rest slowly while watching the kids play in the yard.

Even if you aren’t a jam maker, violet jelly was easy to make and it is so pretty. There are many recipes out on the web and we used the one posted on . My favorite part of the process was adding the lemon juice to the violet water. It instantly turned color from dark blue to brilliant, well, violet!

The resulting jam is very sweet, delicately flavored, and delicious. It will make a really fun gift!

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