Monday, June 7, 2010

Red Clover

Thag is not overly fond of red clover, but I love them. I find them mellow and mildly sweet. And they are in full bloom right now. Other reasons I love red clover are that they are easy to find, easy to identify, and easy to collect. This past week we collected from our yard and from the school yard and filled gallon zip lock bags within minutes.

I have lots of plans for clover, but this week I made clover vinegar and clover lemonade. We have not yet tried the vinegar, but the lemonade was fantastic. Thag loved it too; he likened it to sumac-ade. We used the recipe found at and will definitely make up another batch this week. Although we prefer honey and maple syrup as sweeteners, I decided to use sugar this time around so as not to mask the clover flavor. And indeed, the lemonade had a lovely berry like flavor. I look forward to trying another sweetener to see if I can still taste the clover within.

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