Saturday, September 4, 2010

Hobblebush--Viburnum alnifolium

Samuel Thayer writes that he has little experience eating the fruit of hobblebush because it does not grow in his region, and although it is more abundant to our north, a healthy number grow in the shady or acidic hemlock forests of our area. It is kind of exciting to experiment with a plant that our mentor in libris has little to say about.

I spotted this one on a local run just like several other plants I've posted about. (I am training for a marathon, so I've gotten to cover a lot of roadside territory lately.) The red, unripe berries are what caught my eye, but it is the purple-black and slightly wrinkled fruit that I came to enjoy. It's a plant that I'd encountered for years before discovering that its berries were in fact edible and, I would add, quite tasty. I even asked Ooga and Baby Yub-Yub to refrain from eating the rest so that I could get the picture for this post.

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