Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The List: 28 and counting

So this is what we've been up to of late.

28: Black locust alfredo--5

27: Black locust and blueberry salad with red clover vinegarette--4

26: Sheep sorrel and white bean pasta---5

25: Nettle pesto--4

24: Dandelion muffins--4

23: Wild Leek pesto risotto--4

22: Sheep sorrel soup--5

21: Elderberry jam tart--3

20: Fiddlehead and nettle soup with tortellini--4

19: Knotweed strawberry cobbler--5

18: Fiddlehead and pork lo mein--4

17: Baked brie topped with dandelion marmelade and toasted black walnuts--5

16: Fiddlehead pasta in a creamy cheese sauce--3

15: Orpine, mayflower, trailing arbutus, and wintergreen berry salad--3

14: Wild leek and fiddlehead beef stir fry--5

13: Caramelized wild leeks over trout--5

12: Wild leek pesto pasta--2

11: Garlic mustard stalks in breadcrumbs--1

10: Wild leek quiche--5

9: Wild leeks with cauliflower--4

8: Marsh marigold sautee on toast--3

7: Caramelized wild leek pasta--5

6: Wild leek soup, French onion style--3

5: Parsnip and potato hash browns--4

4: Scrambled eggs with wild leeks--4

3: Day lily salad--3

2: Maple honey granola--5

1: Battered fried perch sandwich--4

Anyone know how to cut and paste into blogger--that would make this much easier!


  1. Cutting and pasting text from a previous post into a new one, you mean? That you can do by going back into the old post using the "edit" feature and copying from there. I've never had trouble pasting anything from any other, non-Blogger documents into Blogger, either.

    Y'all should really, really think about setting up a section with recipes for all this stuff. The list intrigues me. Or at least general instructions on how to prep these foraged ingredients. That would be super.

  2. Hmmm. It just doesn't work for us. We'll keep trying.

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll work on it!