Monday, July 26, 2010

Instructions for picking wild blackberries

1) Find a spot teaming with blackberry bushes laden with fruit.

2) Cover every inch of your body with tight fitting garments.

3) Wear a hat.

4) Bring more containers then you think you will need.

5) Pick all the ripe fruit you can see. The sweetest berries are all black, soft, and fall off the bush as you touch them.

6) Get down on your hands and knees and look under the bushes. You will find 3 times as many ripe berries as you have just picked. Fill your buckets.

7) Still on your knees, look right and then left. You will again find many more berries.

8) Smile.

9) Pick until all that clothing and sun get too hot and sweaty.

10) Make plans to do amazing things with your berries like turn them into jam or pies.

11) Eat them all up while looking at recipes!

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