Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Score: 30 Down, 70 To Go

Well, we've been eating a lot but not posting enough. Spring finds us very busy. Thag is in the end of the school year rush, and Baby Yub Yub wants to spend all day outside, and I, trying to be a good cave mama, am accomodating her--leaving little time to play on the computer.

So here is our updated list. Posts on flavor and recipes will follow.

22. Dandelion Flowers--Versatile and pretty. The flavor is sharp, but not unpleasant--3

23. Cattail Shoots--delightful cucumber flavor, but unique texture--slightly slimy, smooth, and crunchy--easy to incorporate into recipes, but fine raw-- 4

24. Pine Shoots--edible, yes; enjoyable, not really--tastes like eating a Christmas tree; could be used as an herb for flavoring if you really like Christmas--2

25. Basswood Leaf Greens--mild, sweet, used as a lettuce, but not crunchy like lettuce, rather soft and fluffy--3

26. Bracken Fern Fiddleheads--we put these in a soup so their flavor was not very distinct--nice crunchy texture--3

27. Wood Nettle Greens--Yum! Yum! Milder than stinging nettle--a great cooked green--use like spinach--4

28. Marsh Marigolds--Surprisingly edible after all we read about its horrible flavor; needs to be cooked into oblivian, but with the right flavoring, not unlike cooked spinach--3

29. Burdock Root--chewy and sweet--yum--4

30. Beech Leaf Greens--See basswood leaf greens--slightly more feathery--3

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