Monday, May 31, 2010

The Score: 45 down, 55 to go

Our fridge is full of baggies containing edible odds and ends we need to cook up. Our front porch hosts a few baskets containing edibles we find in the yard. On our trip to Connecticut this weekend, we weeded Thag's mother's ivy specifically to collect the edible weeds growing in it. We stopped the car to collect on the side of the road. We are busy with edibles and are still having trouble keeping up with all this season has to offer.


31. Morel mushrooms--absolutely divine--5
32. Dryad's saddle mushrooms--pungent and chewy--Thag--4, Ooga--1
33. Cattail rhizome flour--labor intensive to process, but sweet and nutty in flavor--5
34. Mint--no description necessary--5
35. Jewel weed--slightly slimy and a bit limp after all the boiling, but mild in flavor--3
36. Sheep sorrel--sour and lemony--easy to use in a variety of recipes--4
37. Wood sorrel--lovely little heart shaped leaves, tastes very similar to sheep sorrel, easy to find--great salad green--4
38. Clover greens--easy to find, hide well in a salad, tough if old--3
39. Milk weed shoots--easy to gather, should be peeled, cook like green beans, get 'em young--4
40. Thistle stalk--use like celery--deep, yet subtle, in flavor--good in sauces--4
41. Black locust flowers--sweet and fragrant, utterly heavenly--5
42. Thistle petiole--use like thistle stalk, but more work intensive--3
43. Burdock petiole--a pain to process, requires two boilings, gentle flavor, easy to incorporate into any veggie dish like a stir fry--3
44. Sumac shoots--we don't think we did these right--supposed to be sweet and juicy--we found them slightly bitter--until further notice, 2
45. Chickweed greens--easy to find, nice lettucy flavor, can be cooked or eaten raw--4

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  1. I am pretty sure that it's fine to eat burdock raw or boiled in one batch of water!