Friday, April 29, 2011

Ick! Garlic Mustard Stalks again.

Well, we tried again. We went to a healthy sized patch up here in Vermont. We took a variety of different sized stalks and boiled them until tender. Bitter! And perhaps we could handle the bitterness if it were not all in the aftertaste. Who wants to walk around with that horrid flavor in their mouths! It is conclusive; we just don't like them. But, everyone has a few foods that they just don't like. Garlic mustard is one of those for us.

This is a picture of the garlic mustard in our compost bucket.


  1. Hey! Just found your site and I am going backwards through your posts. Before you give up on garlic mustard, may I say, try the leaves. I have Thayer's books, and he prefers the young stalks but I find them to be horribly bitter--with, as you say, a bitter aftertaste.

    But the mature leaves of the second year plants I love, blanched and used like a pot herb, in gyoza, frittatas, or just a sauteed side dish with garlic or with Asian spices.

    1. Thanks HenoftheWood,
      We're intrigued and will try it soon. Look for an upcoming post on this.