Saturday, April 9, 2011

Late Season for Wild Foods 2011

By this time last year we had long since finished the maple sugaring season, performed salamander crossing guard duty, taken the taps out of the birch trees (whose sugaring season is after the maple season), found coltsfoot poking up on the roadsides, dug leeks, harvested the tender young shoots of stinging nettle, and gathered fiddleheads from down by the river. The mustard greens (various species) were up. The japanese knotweed had reached the perfect height for gathering. Canada mayflower had unfurled and the day lilies had grown too tough to eat.

Now last year was particularly early, but this year is particularly late. We're still sugaring the maple trees! Everything remains curled up under the soil. I only had my first wild greens today. The fiddlehead down by the river are tough black brown knobs still buried in mud. Our garden remains covered in snow.

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